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Product range: The term ‘timber’ is used to refer to the wood at any stage after the tree has been felled. This can include the raw material, also known as rough timber or the processed material. Our range includes the following types of timber used primarily in the construction industry:


Rose, Teak, Kiaat, Padouk, Pinewood, Niové, Kossipo, Tiama, Sipo, Ganda, Obeche, Tola, Tshitola, Essia, Astonia, Longhi , Ébène, Sapelli, Acajou, Okoume, Irok, etc.


Key Specification: Trade name, botanical name, common name, origin, dimensions, colour, grain, texture, durability, sizes, density, shrinkage, structural grade.



Primary source Africa, Australia, Russia, Myanmar
General terms & conditions Standard terms and conditions applicable.

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