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Logistic Services

Logistic Services

We offer tailored consultancy services and trade support to assist in the establishment of new trade processes or the streamlining of existing import or export operations. Our services can be utilised on a project basis or we can provide tools for leveraging the most value from your supply chain to achieve industry best practice. Together with key partners we offer unique trade consultancy services ranging from contractual trade obligations and associated risk to banking and financial consultancy services.


There are several roles involved in the export/import process, and these roles can be filled by multiple agents, or just a few players that can do it all. In addition to the importer and exporter, these roles include shipping agents, freight forwarders, customs brokers, banks, warehousing, government agencies and distribution or delivery services. These are a few of the basic entities involved (besides shipping) and their responsibilities:


  • Government: You may have to deal with special government agencies besides customs in order to get the proper permissions and documentation to import or export your particular goods, such as the FDA, Department of Agriculture and others.


  • Customs broker: Deals with government customs services, prepares Accept shipping declaration Collect duties and fees, notice of permission and approval, reserve delivery with warehouse operators.


  • Bank: Receives duties and taxes, issues and reviews letters of credit to guarantee payment for the goods shipped.


  • Warehousing/Distribution: Once your goods arrive to their country of destination, they must be warehoused and delivered, or immediately loaded for delivery. We possess decades of combined experience in logistics, bonded warehousing and delivery of goods overseas.


With our years of experience in the field, we make this process as easy as possible, giving you export and import advice to deal with these entities and get what you need in a timely manner.


Perhaps the most complex and time-consuming part of the import/export process is getting the proper documentation in order to move your goods from point A to point B. Just a few of the documents you might need include an import or export license, letter of credit, insurance certificate, bill of lading, 10+2 filing, packing list, pro forma invoice, EEI or export declaration, and certificate of origin. As mentioned above, several entities are involved in issuing and processing this documentation, and multiple requirements must be met to proceed. Having a consultant to help you complete the documentation process without delays and ensure that everything is done properly means no bureaucracy-induced headaches.


There are broadly three categories of Logistic Services, and the logistics services sector is integrated by these three broad sets of activities. According to a classification used by World Bank (2010), these entails:


1. Core freight-logistics services, including supply-chain consulting services and transportation management services, which are offered by most logistics services firms. They are often supplied on a standalone basis or together with other logistics services. (a) Supply-chain consulting services involve global network design and distribution strategies, where warehouse locations and transportation needs are determined. They may also include inventory forecasting and planning; product design strategies; technology needs assessment; and vendor identification and management. (b) Transportation-management services include storage and warehousing, cargo handling, transport agency services and customs brokerage.


2. Freight logistics, which entails freight transportation through road, rail, air or maritime services.


3. Non-core freight logistics, including fleet maintenance and repair, packaging services, computer and related services, management consulting, etc. They are inputs or value-added services for the supply chain, but they do not necessarily generate revenue.

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