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Drilling Rigs

We provide Drilling Equipment Solution Supplier for the Oil & Gas Sector: Our range of equipment and systems include the following:


  • Drilling Rigs ranging from 750 HP to 3000 HP

  • Truck mounted Drilling and Workover Rigs ranging from 450 HP to 1000 HP

  • Light duty Onshore Workover Rigs

  • Artic Drilling Rigs ranging from 1000 HP to 2000 HP

  • Fast moving Drilling Rigs

  • Coal-Bed Methane Drilling Rigs

  • Helicopter Drilling Rigs

  • Main component Series including Crown block, Traveling block, Hook, Swivel, Rotary Table, Drawworks, BOP Lifting Device, Power Catwalk, Pneumatic Casing Stabbing Board, Mud Pumps, Drill Pipes, etc.

  • High Temperature Batter packs

  • Oil casing & Coupling

  • Wellhead Equipment and Systems


Primary Source China and Russia

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