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Basmati Rice

Product range: There are more than 40,000 varieties of cultivated rice (the grass species Oryza sativa) said to exist. But the exact figure is uncertain. Over 90,000 samples of cultivated rice and wild species are stored at the International Rice Gene Bank and these are used by researchers all over the world.

The rice varieties can be divided into three basic groups, long grain, short grain and medium grain. Within the groups there are also speciality and aromatic rices.

Long grain rice (all purpose & regular), Easy cook (or Parboiled) long grain rice, Brown (or Wholegrain) long grain rice, Specialty rice(include the aromatics, risotto, glutinous and pudding rice), Jasmine (or Thai fragrant or Thai sticky) rice, Japonica, Arborio, Carnaroli, Carolina, Roma, etc.


Key Specification : Type, variety, place of origin, texture, style, grain length, broken ratio, kind, cultivation, season, moisture, admixture, chalky, color, packaging, load ability, etc.


General terms & conditions:

  • Shipments

  • Dunnage, bamboomat for Ship owner’s/ Buyer’s account

  • Shore tally to be at Seller’s account

  • Vessel tally to be at Buyer’s/Ship owner’s account

  • All export duties and taxes levied in the country of destination and outside Vietnam shall be for Buyer’s account.

  • Packaging: Rice to be packed in single new jute bags of 50 kgs net each, about 50.6 kgs gross each, hand-sewn at mouth with jute twine thread suitable for rough, handling and sea transportation. The Seller will supply 0.2% of new jute bags, free of charge, out of quantity of bags shipped.

  • Insurance: To be arranged by the Buyer

  • Inspection and Fumigation:

  • The certificate of quality, weight and packing issued by Inspection Agency at loading port to be final and for Seller’s account.

  • Fumigation to be effected on board the vessel after completion of loading with expenses to be at seller’s account; but expenses for crew on shore during the fumigation period including transportation, accommodation and meals at hotel for ship owner’s account.
  • Time for fumigation not to count as lay time.


Primary source India, Thailand, Vietnam

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